Devaughn Hughson -Bio


For the past two decades Atlanta based filmmaker DeVaughn Hughson has turned his passion for storytelling and his love of images into a vibrant and diverse film career. DeVaughn’s keen sense of teamwork, dependability, and leadership was first honed while serving in the U.S. Army and those same qualities have become key elements in his artistic success.

After the military, DeVaughn graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta and entered the film business as a production assistant on music videos. He quickly rose through the ranks and grew to become one of the most in demand assistant directors in the music video business. As a 1st A.D. DeVaughn has worked directly with the biggest names in the music industry. His resume includes music videos with Madonna, Prince, Outkast, P. Diddy, Beyonce, Metallica, Greenday, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Ludacris and many more. He has worked with some of the top directors in music videos including Chris Robinson, Marc Webb, Dave Lachapelle, Stephen Klein, Jonathan Mannion. His direct collaboration with these visionary directors and photographers has given him a deeply unique learning experience both technically and creatively.

In 2003, DeVaughn combined his music video experience and independent feature film know-how to produce and direct projects through his production company Digital Soul Inc.

He broke ground with the innovative Docu-comedy Titled “Source Awards From Behind” creatively blending real behind the scenes footage with a humorous narrative. In 2004 he produced and directed “Heart of a Champion” a boxing documentary on Light Heavy Weight Champion Roy Jones Jr. This Documentary was screened at multiple film festivals in New York, San Francisco and Atlanta. His most current documentary "Outcast Forever" is about the oldest black outlaw motorcycle club in America.  

DeVaughn currently works in various cities across the United States and abroad, filming and photographing imagery from a cultural perspective. His unique images have been displayed in multiple restaurants and Starbucks coffee shops in several states. He has had the privilege of photographing his journeys to Nepal, India, Cuba, Mexico and Trinidad.